Growing Up

She turned four in May. I see her as a very grown up little lady. Mature and grown. But, she is still a little girl with pure, cheerful heart with a little attitude. 🙂 I have grown to love her more in such new ways. I can’t believe she has taught me so much these four years. There are countless times when I feel like…

This Sweet Family

It was a cloudy day with high chance of rain. I’m so glad it wasn’t raining because I was so excited to meet this wonderful family. 🙂 It was sort of nerve-racking because Mom is such a talented photographer herself but she is super sweet and lovely and made it easy for me. The kids are the cutest and the coolest! They are very…


I am overly grateful for everything beyond words… One of SO many reasons I am being thankful for… is this beautiful little angel…. Happy Thanksgiving 2014! Wishing everyone a very happy and memorable thanksgiving with family & friends! 🙂

“Happiness is on the way”

“Life reveals it’s beauty… one precious miracle at a time”

Black & White Portrait

“Tiny details, … Big Moments” Rock the Shot September Photo Challenge: Black & White

Elvish themed shoot (II)

This is part 2 of the Elvish themed shoot. 🙂 Part 1 – (Luthien themed shoot) can be found here. This was taken indoor studio as the rain poured heavier. I am in love with these beautiful handmade dress by Helene Hawthorne. Ethereal Rose always looks gorgeous! Awesome make up by Cris Pompa. 🙂 I am always up to trying new things if time…

Baby E. & Family

Baby E. was 3 weeks new for this photo session. He is so lucky to be in such a loving & warm family… It was first time meeting this family yet I felt like old friend around them. 🙂 I absolutely adore this cute baby and his gorgeous family!!!

My little model :)

I was going to photograph a family with a new baby boy so I had to do a test shoot. ^_^ Here she was modeling for me. She actually was enjoying her time there reading a book. My little gal is so grown up! I absolutely adore her. ❤

Touch of Vintage Morning…

I met this gorgeous lady to do a little fun photo shoot in one of parks in Kirkland. Supposedly, it was a little vintage-ish themed shoot… I guess it is kinda vintage..? probably just a touch.. 😉 It was a little chill but the sunshine helped to warm us up. What a fun sunny morning!