I started my photography journey just before my daughter arrived in this world.
I am so blessed to have found my passion in life.  Photography gives me energy and inner happiness.
And it sure brings great memories come to life again!
I enjoy photographing life.  It helps me appreciate things and be grateful.
I love taking photograph of people (all ages) and to be able to capture their raw emotions and connections between them truly gives me butterflies every time. They made my heart full….

My mother passed away long before I fell in love with photography. My only wish was there were more photos of us….  This is actually what has driven my passion to take more photos for others.
Photographs are such great treasures to pass on generations.

Random Facts about me:
* I moved 27x. Lived in 10 cities, and 4 countries! –> I still am NOT used to moving!
* Adlyn is the combination of my husband’s, my daughter’s and my name.
* Oil painting was my passion before photography took over 🙂
* I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. They are my guru and best friends! –> if only they live closer!
* I broke both of my ankles during a tae kwon do practice –> I guess I have NO talent in martial arts! 🙂

Thank you for taking time to get to know me!
I hope to share my passion to you and your family!

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