That smirk :)


We went out to enjoy the sunset in the park. Took the opportunity of beautiful day and styled her a bit with little handmade flower crown I made. 🙂
It was getting late and dark so Daddy wrapped her with my yellow scarf and she loved it! She felt like princess!– and started singing “Let it Go” ^_^
Daddy teased her.. then… SMIRK! .. i Clicked! 🙂
I love her so much! that natural smirk of her always brings such joy in my heart…


i heart faces photo challenge {Girls}

16 Comments on “That smirk :)

  1. The colors within the sunset are so rich and creamy, but your sweet girl is the real start of this scene. I can hear her little giggles as she sings and laughs with her dad. Beautiful!

  2. This picture is gorgeous – caught my eye immediately. I love the light, the colors, the cute smirk. Precious.

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