Precious New Baby


I am so glad to have the opportunity to photograph newborn babies.
This is just too precious!
I wish I had my daughter’s photo just like this to hang big on my wall :). ………..

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

That smirk :)


We went out to enjoy the sunset in the park. Took the opportunity of beautiful day and styled her a bit with little handmade flower crown I made. 🙂
It was getting late and dark so Daddy wrapped her with my yellow scarf and she loved it! She felt like princess!– and started singing “Let it Go” ^_^
Daddy teased her.. then… SMIRK! .. i Clicked! 🙂
I love her so much! that natural smirk of her always brings such joy in my heart…


i heart faces photo challenge {Girls}

“Luthien” themed shoot…

Recent “Luthien”- by J.R.R. Tolkien themed shoot with talented ladies…  🙂
This was taken out in the forestry.
It started to rain, but that drizzle of water made it much more interesting!

Dress by Helene Hawthorne
Model: Ethereal Rose
MUA: Cris Pompa


This joy

That silly smile of her… gives me the funny butterfly feeling in my heart…  🙂


This little baby was born back in September 2013….

6 months later….

I can’t believe how fast time flies…
I’m very grateful to get a chance to photograph this amazingly cute and handsome little man!
I hope to meet you soon little buddy!
Your smile melts my heart!!!

A Tiny Baby, A Big Happiness

I got to meet & photograph a little cute preemie boy and his awesome brother and sister! =D
He was almost turning two months in these photographs.
Reminded me of my own daughter when she was a little premature baby…. How time flies!!!

I am so thankful and honored to be able to photograph this cute baby boy!
This little baby is so LUCKY to grow up with wonderful brother and sister!
Their parents must be so proud of these beautiful children! 🙂

Expecting a Bundle of Joy

I am beyond grateful to be able to meet and photograph these lovely and beautiful couple.
So much love and laugh between them. They will be wonderful parents for the little one still hiding in Mom’s tummy….
Congratulations once again!

A Baby is a Blessing, A Gift from Heaven above
  A Precious Little Angel, To Cherish and to Love.”

Beautiful Soul

Kimmi Designs Photo Shoot

I was very honored to be able to collaborate with such a talented fashion designer!
I’ve been admiring her works for a while and finally got a chance to get in touch and photograph her wedding dress design.
Kim McCormick, the lady behind Kimmi Designs, is such a wonderful, and kind person with so much talent!
Of course, this would not be possible without wonderful MUAH; Cris Pompa and gorgeous Model, Ronda Olshefski.
All of these ladies are super talented and I’m very grateful to be able to collaborate with all of YOU!
Thanks so much!

*The following series of photographs used artificial backlight with external flash to imitate sun. The location was in a wooden natural trail.

Dresses: Kimmi Designs
MUAH: Cris Pompa (Cris Make up Artist)
Model: Ronda Olshefski


“Sunshine after the Rain”

It was a week full of rain and somehow the sun peek that afternoon for a little session for this sweet little girl.
I guess, she is just like that. She brings sunshine for everyone surrounds her. She is very lovely!

and, here is more from the indoor/studio style shoot 🙂

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden”